Different Learning Types

Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles.
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Table Manners and Dining Etiquette

Regardless of where you are eating, proper etiquette at the table is important. Even when it's just you and your family having a meal together, you still want to set an example for your kids.
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The Importance of Good English in Business

English is globally used in communication and business settings. It is one of the most spoken and written languages in the world. So, if you don’t know it well, you won’t be able to effectively communicate with many other people.
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What does the future hold for education as we know it?

With the powerful trend toward digital everywhere, educators will be increasingly challenged to find new and compelling ways to engage learners. Students will continue to be both intrigued and distracted by new technologies and overwhelmed by avalanches of information...
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Do we need a STRONG ACCOUNTANT during & after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Accountants have always been undervalued in business, particularly in SMEs, where many directors see them as an expensive overhead. Why You Need a Strong Accountant During the Coronavirus Pandemic...
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Thoka Maer

How To Stop Taking Things Personally!

When we take things personally, it keeps you tied to someone else and, in the extreme, can even make you feel like a victim.
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