International Student – April 2021

Welcome back, students! Or more so we should say “Welcome home students''.

With great joy and happiness, we welcome new students to our beloved Kings College.

The Meet & Greet between the Kings Team and newly enrolled students was on the 10th of April 2021. That day was described as all smiles and excitement for all to share a new home and make new friends as well as beautiful memories together. 

The event started with students breaking into groups of 6 and assigned to a buddy. The buddies ushered them through the halls and rooms of Kings College’s new campus.

The number one attraction was the “Kings’ Wings” – a mural that was hand-drawn and designed by Melanie Bayoud from Embee Designs, an extraordinary artist and designer famously known in Kuala Lumpur for her unique art styles and concepts. 

The Meet and Greet was a lighthearted event that introduced the Kings College and Kings Team. Students that attended were from Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Information System, Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Administration, Certificate in Business Administration, and the English Language Programme. This will help them adapt comfortably to their new environment in their upcoming studying days at the campus. 

Kings College Alumni students also paid a visit to the new campus. We were grateful to finally see them again and they had also shared their excitement at seeing how the college had progressed greatly and upgraded its facilities.

In between the orientation sessions, the Kings Team had provided various light snacks and delicacies that were handmade by our Head of Academic Department. The sweetness of her cakes and desserts delighted the students to go for seconds.

Students also took notice of Kings recreational area where students can spend time to hang out and play games in between classes or during free time. This little space is a great attribute to let students relax and enjoy while interacting with each other.

Our closing session for the event was having lunch with the new students and alumni at Chamber 3, a restaurant just outside the campus gates. All guests were entertained by a montage video of the new students, quizzes with prices, and most importantly the dynamic interaction between the students with the Kings Team.

As we journey forward through the years, we wish the best for the students of Kings College and their future endeavours. We at Kings will do our best to give our utmost support and guidance to our new members of the Kings family.

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